Ferrari: 275 GTB #08011 Hardcover (signed by photographer)

Ferrari: 275 GTB #08011 Hardcover (signed by photographer)


As far as famous cars go, only a select few stand out from the rest. One in particular shook the collective foundations of automotive design and motorsport competition. Ferrari: 275 GTB #08011 is the first book dedicated to a legend finding new life under the passionate craftsmanship of expert hands. In-depth illustrations explore how professional restorers, determined to realize the rebirth of a car that marked an era, restore the model piece by piece. 

Featuring the writing of Ken Gross and original photography by renowned photographer George Saitas, Ferrari: 275 GTB #08011 takes the reader on an adventure alongside the car’s restorers as they collectively breathe life back into each individual component of this masterpiece. This book is a tribute to one of the greatest feats of craftsmanship the automotive and racing industries have ever known.

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  • Published by Assouline
  • Size: 10.5" x 13.5"
  • Pages: 168
  • Hardcover with Jacket
  • ISBN: 97816114285281