Winner of the 2016 [PLATFORM] ARTIST OF THE YEAR contest, photography category.

George Saitas

George Saitas specializes in automotive studio and location photography of classic and exotic cars, with a particular love for commissioned fine art automotive photography - creating unique, one-of-one / single-print collectible images. He provides commissioned artwork of private automotive collections, documentary photography of restorations and automotive events, as well as limited edition collectible artwork from exclusive portfolios.

George has a unique ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. He uses photography to create a story, telling his version of reality. One of his favorite storytelling techniques is using psychological layerings in his images that act as time-bombs in the viewer's unconscious, each layer triggering a free-association within their minds at later intervals, 'awakening' them each time to a new way of seeing the same subject matter.

"The car photography of George Saitas takes the art form of the automobile to another level. With a commanding control of color and an artist's appreciation of form and detail, Saitas takes the viewer on an always vivid, sometimes surreal, ride with his work, celebrating the beauty most obvious as well as that hidden within.”

- Jamie Kitman, Automobile Magazine | New York Bureau Chief

Automotive fine art introduces itself in a new form with the iconic and interpretive work of George Saitas. His use of light and master of form is combined into creating an art collector's milestone.

- Rick Barnett, Art Business News | Editor


Saitas grew up between Brooklyn, NY and Athens, Greece and now resides in the Santa Cruz mountains of California with his family. Having a natural affinity for the arts at a young age led George to Parsons School of Design in New York City where he enrolled in the Photography Department receiving numerous scholarships and ‘Best Portfolio’ Awards throughout his four years of study, subsequently earning him a BFA in Photography in 1999.

For almost 20 years George’s commercial editorial and advertising car & travel photography has adorned the pages of over 50 publications worldwide, most recently in The Official Ferrari Magazine and NPR CarTalk. George worked for over 10 years as a contributing artist for Automobile Magazine. Additionally, his work has appeared in media such as National Geographic, The New York Times, Stuff Magazine, Car, Evo, Condé Nast Traveller and The Robb Report. George has worked on special photo projects with BMW, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler. George Saitas' work has been shown in exhibitions in New York, San Diego, Palm Springs, Santa Fe, Greece, Italy, and Belgium.