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Order  Ferrari 275 GTB #08011  signed by photographer George Saitas. The book takes readers on an adventure alongside restorers of the two-seat front-engine Grand Turismo Berlinetta. With beautiful images, this book is a tribute to one of the greatest feats of craftsmanship the automotive and racing industries have ever known. Introduction by Ken Gross. To see photos from the book, explore the Ferrari Restoration portfolio below. Shipping included in the US only via USPS media mail.


PETERSEN Automotive Museum



OCTANE Magazine - 11 page article December 2016 issue.

OCTANE Magazine - Book reviewed January 2017 issue.


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"Every time I photograph it's like I'm falling in love for the first time again."


With a unique ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, George Saitas' immersive automotive photography has been featured in the world's leading publications and in international exhibitions.




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